Personal information protection policy


The protection of privacy and the preservation of the confidentiality of personal information have always been a priority of PROCURE.
This personal information protection policy (the “Personal Information Protection Policy”) aims at defining the commitment of PROCURE to the protection of privacy as well as to explain how PROCURE ensures that the personal information obtained from the customers of PROCURE (the “Customers”) remains confidential.

Scope of the personnal information policy

The Personal Information Protection Policy governs the collection, use and communication of personal information of the Customers (the “Personal Information”) and does not apply to information that does not constitute « personal information » as defined by the laws governing the protection of privacy.

Collect of the personnal information

PROCURE may ask Personal Information in various situations, such as when Customers:

Objectives pursued by the collection of personnal information

PROCURE collects Personal Information for the following purposes:

Automatic collection of information (cookies)

PROCURE may automatically collect non-identifiable information, more specifically the name of the Internet search engine used by the Customer, the domain name of his/her Internet provider, as well as the type of operating system that is used.

PROCURE uses an option on the Internet search engine of the Customer designated under the name “cookies” which holds the information sent by the server of PROCURE to the search engine of the Customer when a Customer accesses the Website.

Cookies are unable to identify the Customers and do not communicate any Personal Information to PROCURE. Moreover, cookies do not have the capacity to collect other types of information which is located on the hard disk of the Customer.

The Customer may modify the parameters of his/her search engine so that it will refuse the installation of cookies by PROCURE.

Use of the personnal information

USE OF THE PERSONAL INFORMATION The Personal Information shall be used solely for purposes specified in this Personal Information Protection Policy. PROCURE shall not give, sell or lease the Personal Information to any company or person other than those entities affiliated to PROCURE and/or mandated by PROCURE for the purposes associated to the management of the Personal Information and of any other type of information, and the Website.

Only the employees of PROCURE have access to the Personal Information.

Location of the files containing personnal information, access, modification and withdrawal

The Personal Information is processed and backed up in confidential and secured data banks located at Montreal, Québec.

At all times, any Customer who wishes to access his/her Personal Information or have it corrected may submit a written request to this effect to PROCURE at one of the following addresses:

If the request is sent via email :


if the request is sent by mail:
Attention of: Customer Service
1320 Graham Boulevard, suite 110
Town of Mount-Royal, Québec H3P 3C8

At all times, the Customer who no longer wishes to receive electronic marketing or promotional messages from PROCURE may forward his/her request in writing to one of the addresses designated at the previous paragraph or by phone at 514-341-3000.

Consent of customers

By providing the Personal Information and other type of information to PROCURE, the Customer recognizes that he/she has consented, expressly, freely and in full awareness to the collection, communication and use of his/her Personal Information by PROCURE for the purposes specified in the Personal Information Protection Policy.

PROCURE wishes you: Happy surfing!

The parties expressly require that this agreement be drawn up in the English language.